Job Announcement:  LEAD BARISTA, George and Lennie.

“Willing teacher (NOT MASTER) seeking dedicated coffee and photography student.”

At George and Lennie, we often say, “Coffee, Always.” Coffee is the punctuation at the end of our sentences, a beverage to circumnavigate the globe. At George and Lennie we are serious about coffee, and are ready to share our knowledge with you. Further more, we feel that Maggie. L. from Oakland really captures the essence of George and Lennie in their Yelp review from September 17th of 2017:

“The thing about this spot is that it is, categorically, Not For Squares. So, if you’re not into the ambience or the service or the neighborhood, or what-not, please consider the possibility that you are an L-7 Square and this place is just Not For You. This is not a place to do your law school homework or yak on your cell phone while you order or expect the barista to kiss your ass. If you are not a square, i.e. you love art and drugs, or at the very least are charmed by the kind of people who make art and do drugs you will love this place. Bring the new book of Helen Oyeyemi short stories and chill a little while. The indisputable fact, though, is that this is the best coffee around by leaps and bounds, so even if the place is Not For You (you effin’ SQUARE), you should probably come here and not (blech) Philz or whatever. Just pop in and out real quick; you can hold your breath if the owner ducks into the closet for a sec because you can’t get high before your lunch break.”


George and Lennie is an adventurous cafe located in the heart of Downtown San Francisco on the edge of the Tenderloin District. George and Lennie is first and foremost a coffee bar, offering espresso beverages made with Ritual Coffee Roasters Seasonal Espresso on our La Marzocco Linea, as well as a comprehensive menu of pour over coffee selections. In addition to our coffee menu, the cafe offers both large format photographic printing on our Epson Ultrachrome Printer, as well as one hour photo style 4x6 prints made on our SnapLab Dye Sublimation printer. Additionally we have a small fridge carrying a humble offering of both 120 and 35mm film and a well-stocked library of photo and art tomes speckled with the occasional coffee publication. We are looking for an enthusiastic Barista to deliver outstanding service and exacting beverage preparation at George and Lennie. An ideal candidate would be both enthusiastic and knowledgeable about photography and related art practices and must be a dedicated coffee drinker. This Lead Barista works in tandem with the Owner in overseeing all aspects of George and Lennie. It is important that they are capable of accomplishing all operational functions when the Owner is not available. The Lead Barista will coordinate time off with the Owner to ensure continued leadership in the cafe. The Lead Barista will be required to act in the event of an emergency. This location requires a strong sense of ownership and responsibility, and ability to maintain thorough communications with the Owner. The Lead Barista must love Ritual Coffee, because that’s our coffee roaster, and they must love artists as well. 


  • Ensure that coffee bar customers are consistently served delicious coffee to our quality and service standards
  • Stay knowledgeable about coffee offerings, what is currently offered for retail and pour over options, and why they are carried.
  • Develop a photographic language that would enable one to engage with customers interested in buying a unique piece of photographic art, or who are interested in having some of their pictures printed at George and Lennie. 
  • Keep the coffee bar clean, beautiful, and safe, providing both customers with a fun, inclusive environment
  • Be engaged with the local community 


  • Proven barista experience 
  • Ability to lead by example, stay calm, and work efficiently in a fast paced environment in a tough neighborhood
  • Ability to multi-task and work independently 
  • Excellent communication 


This position currently provides 5 shifts/week (20 hours/week), Monday-Friday 7-11 am, with the possibility of picking up additional shifts. The pay is $15/hour plus tips. We require M-F availability and additional flexibility to cover weekend and evening shifts in an emergency. This job is located at 277 Golden Gate Avenue in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. 


Please send a cover letter* explaining why you think you’d be a great Lead Barista at George and Lennie along with a resume and a minimum of 3 references with email contacts to  

*Please specify your preferred name and pronoun in your cover letter.